Self care is one of the best ways to avoid injuries. However, we often mistake injury for overtraining, or everyday stiffness and soreness. The reality is, you may be experiencing repetitive micro-traumas that can lead to stress on muscle fibers, and the potential development of minor (or major) setbacks in your fitness journey. Here at Fitworks, we are now offering the following Rehab & Recovery options performed by our certified trainers and therapists.


30 Minute Sports Table Massage Sessions

Target problems areas, PNF Stretching, NMT massage techniques

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Trigger point and Myo-fascial release

Trigger point and myo-fascial release prevents acute injuries from occurring. Helps to improve tissue quality, warms the muscle tissue, improves blood flow/circulation, improves joint range of motion, and serves as a self massage.

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PNF stretching

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) is a form of flexibility training. PNF Stretching prevents chronic injuries from occurring. It helps to restore muscles back to their normal length , improves flexibility, and improves joint range of motion for better lifts.

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Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy creates suction at the skin surface to decrease pain and inflammation, increase blood flow, promote cell repair, and when moved, create a massaging effect to increase range of motion and tissue extensibility.

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Kinesio-Taping creates stability and joint awareness while improving circulation, assisting in tissue healing, and helping to remove swelling following injury. The tape creates separation in the tissue that allows for the free flow of blood and lymphatic fluid to aid in the removal of inflammation.

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Dry Needling

Dry Needling is the insertion of thin needles into muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia to manage pain and reduce tissue restrictions. It helps to resolve pain, muscular trigger points, muscle tension, and promotes tissue healing. Dry needling sessions improve tissue quality and feel. Dry Needling also helps with overall joint range of motion and movement quality.

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Meet with our in-house nutrition consultant, Maureen! Sign up for a free introductory session and learn about our 6 or 12 week nutrition program. This program is aimed at creating an individualized plan tailored for each member to reach their nutrition goals. Whether it be to lose weight, feel better, or get healthier, Maureen will be able to create a plan that works for you!

Free Introductory session includes:

  • Evaluation of current individual dietary habits and their relationship to your life
  • Personal goals assessment toward what YOUR healthy lifestyle
  • Overview of areas for improvement and how we can help you on your journey
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