Looking for small group classes with high intensity?

FitWorks Rocky River and Highland Heights locations now offers boutique memberships! Classes include SPIN by SPIVI and FIT+ classes. Become a FIT+  Fitworks Member!


Spinning® offers a high-calorie burn with one of the best returns on any workout, burning 467 to 617 calories in a 40-minute session.

  • This low-impact, high-intensity indoor cycling experience puts minimal pressure on your knees and feet compared to other cardio workouts and is suitable for all fitness levels and body types.

  • Spinning® uses techniques like outdoor cycling and fosters a “can-do” attitude, building mental strength through varied intensity levels in each ride. It also allows you to monitor and track your performance closely via our SPIVI App.

Join us to feel stronger, empowered, and exhilarated, no matter your starting point. Enjoy the shared motivation and inspiration in every class, where everyone is united in achieving their best.

SPIVI Technology

Interactive Scenery

Virtual 3D tracks different camera angles, dynamic scenes, lighting control, real-time group activity and much more, all to make sure your classes look different every time! With Spivi Studio, members can visualize all aspects of their workout on the fly.

Performance Tracking

Spivi tracks and analyzes a variety of performance attributes such as Heart Rate, Power, Cadence, Speed, Distance, Energy, Calories and more!

Tests & Challenges

Spivi Studio offers multiple fitness tests and challenges to make each class unique. Fitness tests help members to determine their personal fitness metrics. Once taken, the results are automatically uploaded to individual member profiles on the cloud.

Spin Studio Ameneties

Heart Rate Variability: Tracking & Progress monitoring through the Spivi App.

Shoe & Heart Rate Rental Available

New Monitors on Spin Bikes

FIT+ Classes

Experience the intensity of FIT+ classes, blending high-intensity functional fitness with strength and cardio training to tone your body and boost fat burning. These sessions focus on full-body exercises that improve cardiovascular endurance and keep calories burning long after you’ve finished. Plus, track your progress via HRV monitors.
Key Activities:

  • Cardio: Running, Rowing, Biking, jump roping
  • Strength: Kettlebells, free weights
  • Agility: Plyometrics

Quality Small Group Instruction

Each class is led by expert coaches who provide personalized instruction and feedback, ensuring safety and maximizing effectiveness. Enjoy the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the cost in a supportive group setting.

State of the Art Equipment that includes:

Assault Treadmills, Rogue Echo Bikes, C2 Rowers, Turf, Sliders, Sleds, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Padded Boxes, Bands, AbMats, Gymnastics Rings, HRV Tracking.


Already a member? Stop by our Highland Heights or Rocky River location to upgrade to a FIT+ membership!




+ Taxes and fees




+ Taxes and fees




+ Taxes and fees


How do I upgrade my current membership to the FIT+ membership?

It’s simple! If you currently have a FITWORKS membership, and you are interested in upgrading your membership to include FIT+ classes come see our front desk team at the gym, email, or call FITWORKS Highland Heights at (440) 467-4864 or FITWORKS Rocky River at 440-333-4141.

Do I have to have a Fitworks gym membership to buy class passes?

No, you can purchase class packs of 1, 5, or 10 that will include just the FIT+ classes and not the original gym membership. Class packs can be purchased online or through our Fitworks App.

Do you offer discounts for FIT+ classes through insurance programs?

Yes, we offer discounted rates for most insurance fitness programs. If you are interested in upgrading your membership and you have an insurance fitness program, come see our front desk team at the gym, email, or call (440) 467-4864 or FITWORKS Rocky River at 440-333-4141.

How does the 3 free class pass work?

We understand that trying a new workout can be challenging. That’s why we are offering your first 3 classes free. We believe that your first class is usually meant to understand the flow of the class, learning how to use the equipment, and finding the right pace for you. By the third class, we know you will LOVE it and want to come back for more!

What's the difference between the FIT+ classes and the normal group classes offered?

For our members who love our unlimited group fitness offerings, you will still be able to enjoy them throughout the week and will be included in our one low price. However, if you are looking for a smaller group setting, higher intensity, and more technology incorporated that will ultimately provide a more scientifically proven way to get the results you desire, a FIT+ Fitness class might be the best choice for you.

Are FIT+ classes offered at all Fitworks locations?

The Fitworks Highland Heights and Fitworks Rocky River locations are the first to offer FIT+ Memberships. We look forward to reimagining our spaces that also incorporate new trends, equipment, and FIT+ offerings in the near future at other Fitworks locations. Come see our front desk team at the gym, email, or call (440) 467-4864 or FITWORKS Rocky River at 440-333-4141.


Currently available only for Highland Heights & Rocky River location

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Kyle Paridon
Kyle Paridon
Love the gym. Staff is great. Just need colder water fountains and showers
Zack Brown
Zack Brown
Bella is the best ever. She makes the best smoothies.
Shannon Provance
Shannon Provance
The staff here is so amazing! Always so helpful and welcoming they've all made me feel like part of the fireworks family. At the front desk there is always at least one smiling face there to greet you. Bella and Syd are super professional and just super great young ladies. Michael is always the person to ask when you need advice or assistance the entire staff in my opinion is great 👍 and I'm very happy to be apart of this gym
Patrick Matlack
Patrick Matlack
Michael, Syd, and O. are great! Absolutely awesome people. Highly recommend working w/ them.
Dylan Winkel
Dylan Winkel
Bella is the best!!
Sheen Ford
Sheen Ford
Bella & Sydney are great front desk personalities. I get a lot of value from this gym, and really enjoy the direction that it is going. Specially there is lot of new equipment as well as the transition to a 24 hour self scan. These are two of the things I am happiest about.
Gabi Denunzio
Gabi Denunzio
Fitworks has been the best gym I have ever been at, Bella and syd have been the best workers, they have a smile on when you walk in. They make you feel welcome into the gym. Thank you!!!