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As a FITWORKS member, you have the opportunity to train with highly qualified personal trainers. They will work with you one-on-one to develop the right personal training plan for you. Whether you are looking to slim down or bulk up, personal trainers at our Highland Heights location can help you reach your fitness goals. Make the most of your FITWORKS membership and book a personal training session today!

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Experience workouts and exercises specific to your fitness level. Our Highland Heights personal trainers know what it takes to help you reach your fitness goals. Using a variety of equipment and workouts, your trainer will design a custom fitness plan just for you.
Personal trainers hold you accountable, offer constructive feedback, and are invested in you and your results. Your trainer will become a trusted workout partner who can eliminate the guesswork and provide you with guidance and support to execute your custom-designed workout plan.
Highland Heights's certified personal trainers can help you decrease body fat, build lean muscle mass, and increase cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and core strength.


We invite all of our current FITWORKS members to try out our personal training and see the benefits within one free session. Our highly accredited, certified personal trainers are waiting to work with you and show you all of the benefits that come along with our personal trainer gym. Our fitness training programs are proven to show that the benefits outweigh the cost. Invest in yourself and your health, because you’re worth it!

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Our team of professional personal trainers has the expertise and certifications to give their clients the very best results. Each instructor has a specialty and unique fitness background, so there is a personal trainer in Highland Heights that will help you find success. Workout in a fun and encouraging environment. Schedule a session with a personal trainer today!

Gavin McClean
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Gavin Mclean - Highland Heights

How we work


Our Rocky River personal training programs help you achieve your goals by focusing on motivation, instruction and education for the results you desire.


With your personal fitness trainer you will set attainable, results-driven goals. To get the results you desire, you will schedule a realistic workout routine and create a plan to combine cardio and strength training. All of our trainers are experts in the fitness industry and know what it takes to get results.


You will begin working out with your gym trainer and learn how to avoid common exercise mistakes while also learning proper exercise techniques. For example, you will learn techniques necessary to prevent injury, and learn about body composition to help maintain lean muscle mass.


By joining our personal trainer gym in Highland Heights, Ohio, you are on your way to seeing results! We are looking forward to being a part of your healthy journey and helping you reach your goals.

Benefits of Working Out With a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers can offer several popular services such as weight loss, endurance, and strength training, but the benefits go beyond your physical fitness. Highland Heights personal trainers can guide you if you feel lost in the gym or don't know where to start. Trainers can guide you through workouts, show you how to use equipment, and even help with nutrition. If you're looking for a great motivator to give you pointers throughout your fitness journey, then there is a personal trainer in Highland Heights for you. In fitness, consistency is key. When planning out your fitness plan, trainers will recommend a defined schedule that includes 1 or 2 sessions every week. Early on, an established fitness routine is crucial to your success. As you get into shape and gain confidence in the gym, instructors can modify your plan to give you a constant challenge. Working with a personal trainer can give you the guidance and training you need to succeed, regardless of your goal. Get in shape, trim fat, gain muscle, and improve nutrition, all while maintaining focus, staying safe, and being efficient. Don't wait! Get trained by a professional today!


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