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As a FITWORKS member, you have the opportunity to train with highly qualified personal trainers. They will work with you one-on-one to develop the right personal training plan for you. Whether you are looking to slim down or bulk up, personal trainers at our Cleveland location can help you reach your fitness goals. Make the most of your FITWORKS membership and book a personal training session today!

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Experience workouts and exercises specific to your fitness level. Our Cleveland personal trainers know what it takes to help you reach your fitness goals. Using a variety of equipment and workouts, your trainer will design a custom fitness plan just for you.
Personal trainers hold you accountable, offer constructive feedback, and are invested in you and your results. Your trainer will become a trusted workout partner who can eliminate the guesswork and provide you with guidance and support to execute your custom-designed workout plan.
Cleveland's certified personal trainers can help you decrease body fat, build lean muscle mass, and increase cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and core strength.


We invite all of our current FITWORKS members to try out our personal training and see the benefits within one free session. Our highly accredited, certified personal trainers are waiting to work with you and show you all of the benefits that come along with our personal trainer gym. Our fitness training programs are proven to show that the benefits outweigh the cost. Invest in yourself and your health, because you’re worth it!

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Fitworks Cleveland boasts highly qualified and experienced personal trainers who are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. With their expertise, you'll receive personalized workout plans tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Our trainers prioritize your safety by ensuring proper technique and injury prevention. Additionally, our club offers a diverse range of equipment allowing for varied and engaging workouts. We prioritize accountability and motivation, providing the support and guidance you need to stay committed and achieve results. By choosing our fitness club for personal training, you'll benefit from a professional, customized approach that maximizes your time, helps you progress efficiently, and empowers you to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Dave - Director of Fitness

How we work


Our Cleveland personal training programs help you achieve your goals by focusing on motivation, instruction and education for the results you desire.


With your personal fitness trainer you will set attainable, results-driven goals. To get the results you desire, you will schedule a realistic workout routine and create a plan to combine cardio and strength training. All of our trainers are experts in the fitness industry and know what it takes to get results.


You will begin working out with your gym trainer and learn how to avoid common exercise mistakes while also learning proper exercise techniques. For example, you will learn techniques necessary to prevent injury, and learn about body composition to help maintain lean muscle mass.


By joining our personal trainer gym in Cleveland, Ohio, you are on your way to seeing results! We are looking forward to being a part of your healthy journey and helping you reach your goals.

Personal Training Offerings

Semi-Private Group Training

Get all the motivation, support, and variety you need to thrive in a small group! By joining a small semi-private group of 6-8 people you are able to get expert fitness guidance at an affordable cost while also being a part of a community of people who will help keep you committed and motivated.

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Personal Training

Fitworks has a variety of staff members that specialize in training student-athletes in the offseason of their particular sport. Fitworks personal trainers work with clients each week to create and execute a program tailored to the clients' goals.

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Corporate Team Training

Fitworks offers local companies and corporations discounted pricing if they prefer to use fitness as a recruiting tool or incentive! We work with local businesses on creating a team workout for your employees. No company is too big or too small. We work with all sizes and can tailor the corporate team training based on the size and needs of each company.

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Virtual Corporate Challenge

Looking to add some fun into the workplace? We offer fitness challenges for employees to take part in virtually! The challenge provides wellness strategies, an exercise program scaled to your team’s needs, a group chat room to boost engagement and comradery, and also provide it all easily accessible through an app!

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Individualized Seminars

We also provide seminars and can create special events based on your company's needs. Topics include injury prevention, nutrition, and weight loss.

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What members are saying!

Every athlete needs a trainer like Bree as part of their fitness regimen for optimal performance and injury recovery. I injured my knee years ago while running. It acts up occasionally. It is painful and I am unable to bend it. Normally, I wear a brace and rest it for a few weeks. I decided to try something different and have Bree, an athletic trainer, look at it. She used a technique called cupping and then taped it. I found relief after a couple of sessions. My knee has never recovered as well or as quickly. Bree is now working on the shoulder I dislocated a couple of years ago. Again, the cupping and taping has provided relief and increased my range of motion.

Nancy B. — Personal Training Program

While I've been working out at Fitworks for a couple of years, personal training has truly been the biggest help with reaching my fitness goals. I'm grateful to work one-on-one for weekly boxing sessions, classes, and nutritional help. Working with a personal trainer has helped to not only hold me accountable but also get me outside of my comfort zone doing things in the gym that I hadn't before while supplementing my current workout routine in a new way. While I've noticed measurable changes in my body weight, muscle mass, and fat percentage, working with personal training and new friends in classes has had the biggest impact on my confidence level. I love the level of accomplishment that a great boxing session has brought for me, and the increase in my fitness level has given me the opportunity to pursue new, more physically demanding career paths and goals. I'm super grateful for the past 6 months of progress with training and plan to continue utilizing this support system for fitness goals!

Jackie K. — Personal Training Program

Working with my trainer is a highlight of my week. She is enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgeable about everything fitness. She is very creative and makes our sessions fun and challenging at the same time. And no two sessions are ever the same. She’s completely in tune with my goals and pushes me to meet them. We work at a pace that I am comfortable with, and with her expertise, I’m looking and feeling so much better. Working with a trainer is so enjoyable, it’s like spending an hour with a friend, we chat and laugh the whole time and get a great work out.

— Personal Training Program

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